Brent Kinchen

I grew up in the archery industry my entire life with my father owning an archery shop. I learned quickly at a young age, how to work on and tune bows, and build strings. Archery was our life. Fast forward to now, I have 25+ years behind a bow and still love getting out to hunt and shoot tournaments from indoor spots to 3-D. Amanda and I have 2 wonderful daughters that are really getting into archery and are loving it as well. "Now that is something special!"

We decided to start this business to chase our dreams, so let us help you chase yours. Whether its stepping onto the shooting line or climbing up in a treestand, shoot with confidence, "Shoot A3"

Amanda Kinchen

North meets south on this one. Born and raised for most of my life in Maine, I was fortunate enough to start moving around the country my freshman year of high school. This led to me interning at a paper mill in the accounting department in Louisiana, where I met Brent. From there the adventure really took off.


We have since lived in 7 states, with more moves in between, had two amazing girls, watched the oldest thrive in Kindergarten, and the youngest kick butt with 58 rounds of Chemo. Life can either be viewed as a tragedy or adventure and we are having one amazing adventure!!



Aarin G.

2/3 Piece Compound Bow String Set


"The most stable string I've ever used! The build is amazing, no peep rotation! It's A3 strings for all my bows now!"